Christian Education

Changing lives and growing disciples through the transforming love of Jesus Christ

Presbyterians are known for valuing education, Christian and otherwise.  So it should be no surprise that at Faith we have a full Christian education program for the entire family. We offer Sunday morning classes (meeting from 9:00am to 10:00am) for children in elementary and secondary grades, confirmation classes, and three independent adult classes covering the week's lectionary readings, Bible study, and short topics of interest to the participants.

Our program also includes taking younger children to "Children's Church" during a portion of the worship hour. They are led through worship with activities at their own level, but also get to attend a part of the service with their parents and for the Sacrament of Communion.

We have a free nursery with two attendants provided for infants and toddlers. Parents are given a pager and we will contact them about any problem that crops up while their children are in the nursery.

During a week in June we hold a free Vacation Bible School open to the public for children that have completed grades pre-K through 5.

Training of our church officers is held as new officers take their places in our local governing body, the Session.

Our higher governing bodies offer summer church camps for youth, weekend and week long retreats for adults, and the Presbyterian Pilgrimage to introduce or re-introduce  to participants what it means to be a Presbyterian.

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