Love Network of Baytown

Love Network of Baytown (formerly Love INC - Love In the Name of Christ) is a network of churches that links church ministries and volunteers to help their neighbors in need. It is a cooperative effort between churches and community agencies to provide effective help for the disadvantaged and a vehicle by which churches may fulfill their biblical mandate to reach out, show the love of Christ and bring hope to the poor and needy.

The Love Network model has three levels. Each level goes deeper in fulfilling Love Network’s mission to mobilize the Church and to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.

Level One: Clearinghouse Model - The Clearinghouse is the foundation of Love Network where they receive requests for help, screen the requests for the extent of need and legitimacy, and refer the requests to a local church ministry, church volunteer, or community agency. They then follow up to ensure the need was met and offer spiritual support.

Level Two: Relational Ministry Model - Church members are trained and linked by Love Network with individuals and families in-need on a long-term basis to provide mentoring, goal setting, and spiritual and emotional support. They also provide a full array of services including food, gas, work-related needs, identification such as birth certificates, clothes, prescriptions for adults, diapers, and other non-food items.

Level Three: Community Development Model - Love Network goes even further to meet the needs of communities by addressing the deeper issues that contribute to poverty and hopelessness.

Love Network works because it provides resources to mobilize the Church and assist those in need in the Name of Christ. It also gives Christians specific and manageable opportunities to put their faith and love to work in the services of others in need.

Joyce Pennington leads Love Network in Baytown, Highlands, and Mont Belvieu, assisting over 6,000 people a year with various personal needs including winter coats and referrals to food banks. They provide warmth and food for the cold and hungry and share the love of Christ through Love Network.

To learn more or to get involved in a different community, visit To apply or volunteer with our Love Network group, please contact us at the information below.

Love Network of Baytown

P.O. Box 1116
Baytown, TX 77522-1116

p. 281-422-5683
f. 281-427-7653


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