Our Music Ministry at Faith


Our Music Ministry at Faith is diverse and dedicated to assist in setting an environment conducive for everyone to worship and praise God. The willingness to dedicate one’s time and talent to praising God through music is all that is required. Our staff members have many years of performance and teaching experience at various levels. David Corder is our Director of Music. He directs the Chamber Choir during the Sunday morning worship service and administers the music program. Ella Rae Stovall is our primary organist for Sunday services assisted by Brenda Odell from time to time. Brenda is our accompanist for Chamber Choir. In addition, several volunteers share their talents to perform special music during services and provide piano accompaniment for children’s programs, Vacation Bible School sing-a-longs, service preludes and other music enriching services.

The Chamber Choir and Instrumentalists

Our Chamber Choir is a voluntary group who primarily lead the music for our Sunday morning service. In addition, during the year they offer a Christmas cantata and Easter cantata, service music for Christmas Eve and Holy Week and at other events such as caroling, shut-in music visitations, and special appearances throughout the year. The Chamber Choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM. Selections of music generally follow the lectionary and musical styles range from traditional hymnody, gospel favorites to classic and contemporary sacred music offerings. Instrumentalists are encouraged to perform with the Chamber Choir. Rehearsing six weeks in advance of the designated worship schedule allows great flexibility for choir members to take some time off for vacations and family short out-of-town visits. In addition, the choir usually takes a designated summer vacation in June or July.

A New Way to Sing with the Choir

Sunday mornings the Chamber Choir practices thirty minutes before the worship service. This provides valuable additional practice for those who missed Wednesday night’s rehearsal, last minute fine-tuning, and time to review two additional upcoming anthems as well. Some members, who have considerable music experience, but cannot attend mid-week rehearsals, may attend at this time and sing in the immediate Sunday morning service. Because we are no longer wearing chancel robes on a regular basis, everyone can join their friends and family in the church pews after the Sunday choir anthem is completed.

Music Sources

Choral resources include over 1400 titles of master choral works, unison to four-part choral anthems, vocal collections, cantatas, choral and instrumental accompaniments, solos, and contemporary praise music, catalogued in choral boxes and filing cabinets are located in the choir room. The choir room is a modern, and comfortable special place with the entire library collection on the computer, a   musician folder display, sound equipment, risers, padded chairs, and a musical organization of works to be performed available in a selection display set up four times a year. The choir room is located on the North Main entrance side of Faith Presbyterian Church. This entrance will lead you immediately on the left to the choir room and on the right to the back of the sanctuary stage. There is ample parking very close to this church entrance and our church grounds and facility have a security system for your safety.

We invite you to participate in our Music Ministry experience at FPC. We start and end our rehearsals with prayer. We look out for and keep up with each other as individuals and often see each other at other church related activities and community related events during the week. We have fun! Please, come join us! I promise you will feel better for it at the end of the day.

Musical Staff

The music team at Faith includes two directors/organizers employed part-time for the choral groups. All three staff members have many years experience in performance and teaching at various levels. In addition, several volunteers play piano for children’s programs, bible school sing-a-longs, service preludes and other performances.church organ

Yearly Activities

Both vocal ensembles perform weekly at services throughout the year and take a well–deserved, four-week vacation during the summer months. Christmas Cantatas, special music, caroling, performing for shut-ins, and singing for supper or special church programs occur throughout the year. As we are able, we strive to maintain an organized children’s choir, youth chorus and some experiences with church dramatic offerings.

Music Sources

Our choral library of over 1300 titles includes master choral works, unison to four-part choral anthems, vocal collections, cantatas, choral and instrumental accompaniments, solos, and contemporary praise music, catalogued in choral boxes and filing cabinets. The choral library is located in the Chancel Choir Rehearsal Room and includes a computer program of most of the performance works, musician folder display, stereo equipment, risers, and up-right piano. Both the choir room and the hanging robe room are located just a few feet from the Sanctuary.

choir room