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Faith Lift: Sightings

46 years ago, I got a job with Kelly Girl.  I was Santa at the Galleria.  Back then I had to tie a pillow around my waist with a rope. 

I loved riding around the ice rink on my sleigh doing the royal wave.   Sometimes, after work I would catch myself waving at children forgetting that I was out of costume.

When I was a young boy my parents would take me and my little sister to the Thanksgiving Day parade in downtown Houston.  The very last float was the one for which we longed.   It was our first Santa sighting of the season. Even though Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve, Santa sightings start at the end of Thanksgiving parades.  

This Sunday we will have a Santa Sighting at Faith.  He will come, along with Mrs. Claus and be a part of Faith’s Christmas Celebration.  I encourage you to invite your friends, neighbors and family to join us for this great church family event. If you look carefully on our back pew you may experience you next Santa Sighting.  

This Sunday I will be preaching about another sighting.  This man had people lining up to see him.  However, there was only one of him and you had to go to him.   It was not convenient.  He was out in the sticks.  He had long hair and a beard. In fact, he never had a haircut or shave in his life. People did not want to eat lunch with him.  People did not come to him to tell him what they wanted.  They came to him to do what he wanted—repent.   His name was John.  He baptized people who agreed that they had wandered far from what God wants and wanted a fresh start.

John came to prepare the way for Jesus.  He was a voice crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way for the Lord.” 

Today we don’t have John the Baptist sightings.  We do have someone with long hair and a beard showing up signaling the celebration of the coming of Jesus.   After his annual first sightings at the end of Thanksgiving parades, he has been known to show up all over the place.   He has become a modern- day John announcing that “we better watch out and better not cry or pout” message of repentance.  Santa sightings not only warn us that we should be good for “goodness sake” because he will be coming on Christmas Eve, but that we better be good for the sake of the coming of the One we celebrate on Christmas day who, in the words of an angel, was and is “a Savior, who is Christ, the Lord.”  That is the most important of this season’s …. sightings.

Rev. Dr. Jim Gill

Faith Presbyterian Church

3900 N. Main

Baytown, Texas  77521