Our Heritage

Faith Presbyterian Church was initially known as First Presbyterian and Westminster Presbyterian Church. In 2006, both churches came together to form First Westminster Presbyterian Church. As two separate congregations, both were very active in the Baytown community, and both were distinct in their ability to touch the lives of people all throughout our community.

When the two churches entered into a discussion to merge to become one community of faith, the discussion also turned to possibly relocating to 3900 North Main Street near the corner of Rollingbrook and North Main as property had been purchased earlier by what was then First Presbyterian Church.

As the churches became one at the beginning of discussing the relocation, it was also entertained that we would possibly change the name of the church to reflect the new direction of our new church home; and so, the church in 2008 brought several names before the congregation. The one name the church felt would be the defining aspect of our continued ministry to the Baytown community was Faith Presbyterian Church.

Faith is trusting that God is a loving and gracious God. Exercising our faith is not always what we can see nor what we prepare for, but stepping forward, reaching out and seeing all the possibilities God might have in store for us. Faith Presbyterian Church represents the rich heritage of both First Presbyterian and Westminster Presbyterian, and so you are invited to join with us in this journey of faith.

To learn more about where we are headed in the future, we invite you to view Miracle on Main Street.  



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