The Session - Our Form of Government

Session 2015

Moderator Pro Tem: Hector Rivera-Velez
Clerk: Ann Reilly

Class of 2019 Class of 2020 Class of 2021
Margaret Boyd
Myrna Dunham
Angela Cherry
Jimmy Martin
Jeremy Garrett
Jenice Coffey
Jim McGilvray
Ann Reilly
Tucker Coughlen
Patricia Speck
Tony Traylor
Mike Wilson


The Presbyterian Church is a representative democracy governed by elders elected from and by the members of a particular church.

Authority and responsibility for the spiritual life and well being of a particular congregation reside with those men and women elected as elders to serve on the governing body of the church called the Session. In our denomination we have four governing bodies.

The Session is the local governing body for a particular church. The next governing body is a Presbytery, which is a geographical district and comprises all churches and ministers of Word and Sacrament that reside within the bounds of a particular Presbytery. The Synod is composed of elected commissioners from several Presbyteries. The national governing body made up of equal numbers of elders and clergy chosen by the Presbyteries is the General Assembly. The General Assembly of the PC(USA) meets every two years.

The Session of Faith Presbyterian Church consists of fourteen elders in three different classes. Each class has a roughly equal number of elders and each elder is elected for a term of three years. An elder can be elected to serve an additional three year term but must then rotate off the Session for at least one year. The Moderator of the Session is our pastor. The other officer of the Session is the Clerk. The Clerk of Session handles all correspondence and communications and works with the Moderator to establish the Session’s meeting agenda. The Session of Faith Presbyterian Church has seven standing committees: Christian Education, Commitment and Finance, Communications and Facilities, Member Care, Property, Witness and Outreach, and Worship and Spiritual Formation.

The Board of Trustees: One Elder from Each Class

The Committees:

Christian Education     Commitment and Finance

Communication     Member Care     Property

Witness and Outreach     Worship and Spiritual Formation


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