Christian Education Committee


To provide opportunities for Christian Education so that people of all ages are nurtured in their growth as Disciples of Christ to love God and their neighbors as they also love themselves.

Committee Chair / Elder

Patricia Speck

Jenice Coffey


To provide a church school program throughout the year for children, youth and adults, including

  1. Review and approval of curriculum

  2. Recruitment, approval, training, assignment and support of teachers

  3. Home and family Christian Education

  4. Confirmation and adult new member classes

  5. Annual officer training course for elders-elect

  6. Oversight of any special educational opportunities of the church

  7. Leadership training courses when needed and as requested by other committees

  8. Opportunities for camps and conferences

  9. Provide a nursery for all church events and activities as requested

    1. Development of appropriate job description, employment guidelines and other policies

    2. Hiring and oversight of the nursery staff of the church

  10. Oversight of the Youth Fellowship activities

  11. Supervision of Youth Advisory committee (YAK)

  12. Administration, implementation and training on the Statement of Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding the Well Being of Minors

  13. Oversight of the church library

  14. Prepare & recommend an annual budget for the above activities and responsibly administer the budget as approved. 

Policies and Procedures

Programs and Events

  1. Vacation Bible School

  2. Church School Rally Day