Commitment and Finance Committee


To encourage all members to consecrate a portion of their time, talents, and treasure to the church

Committee Chair / Elders

Jeremy Garrett

Myrna Dunham

Mike Wilson



  1. With the input from all Session Committee Moderators, pastor and staff, develop the annual budget for recommendation to Session

  2. Issue regular contribution statements to members and devise means of keeping commitments current

  3. Oversee distribution of funds in accordance with the budget

  4. Make reports to Session on a monthly basis on the finances of the church

  5. Make periodic reports to the congregation on the financial state of the church

  6. Advise the Session and all other church committees about the financial aspects of any new initiatives that are not included in the approved budget.

  7. Conduct an annual audit of all church finances

  8. Perform the counting and depositing of the financial offering each time it is received, in accordance with proper business practices


  1. Develop the annual stewardship emphasis each fall for congregational financial commitment for the coming year

  2. Work with other Session committees to develop a program of stewardship that will be a part of the church’s year-round total program of commitment

  3. Work with the Witness and Outreach Committee to make recommendations on percentage of the annual budget going to benevolence

  4. Keep the congregation informed of opportunities for giving through wills and bequests

  5. Receive memorial and other gifts and see that these are properly acknowledged

  6. Make recommendations to the Session from time to time of suitable gifts to be purchased as memorials

  7. Study the giving habits of the congregation to suggest what steps could be made to strengthen giving within the congregation


  1. Oversee the office staff of the church and develop with them appropriate job descriptions, employment guidelines, and other policies. This oversight shall include working with the Moderators Advisory Committee to coordinate the annual review of staff compensation and performance

  2. Assist the Clerk of Session, in conjunction with the church staff, in preparation of the annual report to the congregation, Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly

  3. Along with the Clerk of the Session, maintain the necessary rolls of the church. Perform an annual membership roll analysis and, with the Session’s endorsement, implement appropriate action steps

  4. Oversee the church’s office computer hardware and software

  5. Manage the church's insurance program

  6. Administer the Sexual Misconduct Policy


Policies and Procedures

  1. Employment Guidelines

  2. Staff Job Descriptions

  3. Sexual Misconduct Policy 

Programs and Events

  1. Stewardship Program and Fall Stewardship Campaign

  2. Annual Audit of Church Finances

  3. Annual Reviews of Church Staff

  4. Annual Update of the Membership Rolls