Member Care Committee


With Jesus Christ as our model and inspiration, we seek to serve and care for each other, our church, our community and the world as we work together to change lives and grow disciples through the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Committee Chair / Elder

Bonnie Dyer

Ann Reilly


  1. Assimilate new members and care for current members

  2. Plan, prepare, and/or arrange for help in the preparation of fellowship meals throughout the year

  3. In times of bereavement, provide food for the family and/or host reception for the service

  4. Plan, prepare, and help with pictorial directory

  5. Decorate Fellowship Hall for Christmas; plan, prepare, and arrange for Christmas fellowship activities

  6. Serve coffee and/or refreshments Sunday mornings

  7. Preserve and maintain the records of the history of the church

  8. Maintain Parlor, Fellowship Hall, Welcome Center and storage closets

  9. Maintain and stock kitchen for all church activities

  10. Communicate to the congregation and community upcoming fellowship activities

  11. Prepare and recommend an annual budget for the above activities and administer the budget as approved 

Policies and Procedures

Programs and Events

  1. Fellowship Luncheons

  2. Christmas with Faith

  3. Summertime Picnic & Ice Cream Contest