Witness and Outreach Committee


To change lives and grow disciples by initiating and supporting programs that help those in need, by supporting the larger church and by fostering peace and reconciliation

Committee Chair / Elders

Angela Cherry

Tony Traylor

Tucker Caughlen


WOW programs are supported by the committee and congregation through the giving of food, clothing, volunteer time, and money through the budget or individual donations

  1. Publicize program events and needs

  2. Develop and evaluate new opportunities for witness and outreach

  3. Annually evaluate existing programs for improvements and continuing relevance

  4. Prepare & recommend an annual budget for the above activities and responsibly administer the budget as approved

Policies and Procedures 

Programs and Events

  1. Animal Food Pantry

  2. Food Pantry

  3. Gator Bike Ride

  4. Habitat for Humanity

  5. Love Network, formerly Love INC

  6. Meals on Wheels

  7. Adopt-A-Site

  8. Relay for Life

  9. Vacation Bible School

  10. Care Bears

 11. Presbyterian Pilgrimage