PCUSA Vital Church Initiative:

Vision of the Vital Church is to seek, to equip, nurture, and support church leaders to empower their congregations to renew, recover, and live more fully into faithful discipleship to Jesus Christ.  The purpose of the Revitalization Initiative is to work alongside leaders of existing congregations continually assessing, discerning, and living into faithful actions that increase vitality through intentional spiritual practices that take them deeper into  following Jesus Christ, so that their own lives are changed, congregations are transformed,  and the mission of God spreads throughout particular communities and the world.


1001 new worshiping communities is a movement happening in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Across the PC(USA), God is raising up leaders in churches and presbyteries who are creating new worshiping communities. They are taking on new and varied forms of church for our changing culture. Primarily they are seeking to make and form new disciples of Jesus Christ, to change and transform the world. A commitment to a churchwide movement that results in the creation of 1,001 worshiping communities over the next 10 years.